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Your dog is unique and your best friend. You probably already have hundreds of photos on your phone, but no high-quality photos that you can enlarge as wall decoration. For this you have come to the right place , I capture your four-legged friend as they really are in high quality that you can enjoy for a lifetime. I have focused on photographing dogs, but you can also contact me for photoshoots with your cat or horse.

If you book a photoshoot with me, it always takes place outside. I use the available natural sunlight. The photo shoots therefore always take place in the early morning or at during sunset. This ensures the best result.


I patiently photograph your dogs and cats at beautiful locations throughout the Netherlands. I think capturing the bond between you and your four-legged friend is incredibly special and one of the most beautiful things as an animal photographer. In addition, I think it is fantastic to be able to give you a memory for life in the form of a series of photos of your beloved four-legged friend.

As a photographer, I try to ensure that the camera is forgotten, so that the most pure and beautiful moments arise between you and your four-legged friend. I also think it is super important that the character of your four-legged friend is highlighted in the photo series, that makes the memory complete.



To book a photoshoot, you can contact me without obligation via the contact form. You will receive a response via email within 24 hours. We will then discuss your wishes, a date and location. Only then is the booking final and you will receive confirmation. 


During the photo report I take all the time for you and your four-legged friend. I like to create a casual atmosphere, you can see the photoshoot as a walk in which we capture your most beautiful memories. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, and this is what you radiate in the photos.


Good preparation gives you peace of mind. So that you and your beloved four-legged friend are optimally prepared for our photo report, you will receive an information guide together with the booking confirmation. In this information guide you will find all the information and tips for the best preparation


Within one week you will receive a personal gallery where you can choose your favorite photos. As soon as I have received your selection, I will carefully edit the photos. You will receive the edited photos digitally.

We got to know Rachel as a sociable person with a lot of love for the animals that she photographs with endless patience. Our dog thought Rachel was very sweet and that says a lot. We had a very pleasant and relaxed photo shoot and we are very grateful to Rachel for the beautiful photos.





All photoshoots can be completed as desired and without a time limit, I like to take all the time so that it is a wonderful experience for both you and your beloved four-legged friend. I photograph at locations throughout the Netherlands, the photo report can take place in nature or in an urban environment. We choose a suitable location in together.

Lovely Memory

8 digital photos of your choice

Extensive contact
Information guide

Preview within 48 hours
Personal choice gallery


Perfect Memory

12 digital photos of your choice

Extensive contact
Information guide

Preview within 48 hours
Personal choice gallery


Complete Memory

20 digital photos of your choice

Extensive contact
Information guide

Preview within 48 hours
Personal choice gallery





All rates are exempt from VAT and exclude travel costs. | From more than 30 kilometers return from Zoetermeer, €0.19 per kilometer.


Throughout the year I organize mini shoots with different themes. Think of photo reports among the blossom trees, with the rhododendrons or at the beautiful purple heather.




A gift full of memories! A gift voucher for a photoshoot is the perfect gift for every animal lover. Capturing the bond between humans and animals is very special, so what could be better than giving it as a gift to a loved one?

You can order a gift voucher via the button below, the gift voucher will be sent to your address so that you can give it yourself. The gift voucher is available from €25.





“We had an appointment at a beautiful location, where Rachel chose several beautiful spots. We had agreed for the 'golden hour', we were still in contact that day so that we were in time for the right photo opportunity. Rachel was very calm and patient, which meant the dogs were too. We were soon sent a beautiful photo series to choose from. They were so beautiful that we ordered quite a few more.

— Simone



A photoshoot with a professional photographer is a valuable expense. I am happy to help you choose the most suitable package. Do the above packages not quite match what you are looking for? Please contact me, I would be happy to think along with you.



  • How do I prepare for the photoshoot?
    Before the photoshoot, you will receive an extensive information guide with useful tips for the best possible preparation for the photoshoot. You can also ask me all your questions and I will be happy to guide you in the preparation.
  • My dog can't go off leash, what now?
    It is not a problem if your dog cannot run free (or is not social, for example). I think it is most important that the photoshoot is a pleasant experience for you and your dog. We choose the location in consultation and discuss your wishes in detail. It is possible to remove a collar and leash afterwards. You can also use a photo line free of charge that can easily be removed afterwards in Photoshop.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    The weather is important during a photoshoot, unfortunately the weather in the Netherlands does not only have sunny days. In the run-up to our photoshoot, I keep a close eye on the weather. We will be in contact both the day before the photoshoot and the day itself. If the weather is extremely bad on the day of our photoshoot, it can be moved free of charge and we will immediately schedule a new date.
  • Can my dogs have their picture taken together?
    I really enjoy taking photos of several dogs together, so this is certainly possible during a photoshoot. Even if your dogs cannot sit neatly next to each other at the same time, there are plenty of options for a duo or group portrait.
  • How long does a photoshoot take?
    I find relaxation and rest during a photoshoot very important. There is no time limit during our photo report. You can see a photo report as a beautiful walk in which memories are captured. I take all the time for you and your four-legged friend. On average, a photoshoot takes 1 to 2 hours.
  • Where does a photoshoot take place?
    The location and especially the light is very important during the photoshoot. I prefer to work with a number of 'permanent' locations throughout the Netherlands where I know my way around and know where to find the most beautiful places. We choose the location in consultation, if it is not possible for you and your four-legged friend to come to one of those locations, there are always other options.
  • Can I also have a photo taken with my animal?
    Of course, super fun even! You, but also your partner or family, are welcome to have pictures taken with your four-legged friend during the photoshoot. You don't need to have any experience with posing, I like to keep the atmosphere spontaneous and casual. I will guide you where necessary, and prior to the photoshoot you will also receive an extensive information guide including tips for having your photo taken with your four-legged friend and the choice of clothing.
  • How far in advance is it best to contact me?
    My agenda often fills up quickly. So make sure you contact us on time, I recommend doing this about 1 to 2 months in advance. For example, if you receive the sad news that you have to say goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend at short notice and you would like to have beautiful photos taken, I will always make time for that.
  • Do you only photograph dogs?
    No definitely not! I have focused on dog photography, but you can also contact me with other four-legged friends such as cats and horses. I also photograph weddings and events. View the options here .


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